4x3 Keypad with Analog Output - Assembled

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4x3 Membrane keypad plus encoder board for analog output - Assembled

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Professional quality 4x3 matrix membrane keyboard with assembled analog output (One-Wire output) allows you to connect it to your Arduino using only 1 analog input. The 12 keys are encoded as different voltage values on the output pin. 

Normally you would need 7 pins to connect to a 4x3 keyboard. Since this keyboard generates a unique analog value for each key it only requires one analog input leaving the other 6 I/O pins on your Arduino free for your project. Also, it is much easier and decorative to use a regular phone cable to connect to this keyboard than using 7 conductor cable.

The 12 keypads go through a series of resistors of the same value that allow this keyboard to generate a unique analog voltage for each key. The voltage values have good separation so they don't overlap.

The back of the keyboard has a self-adhesive coating so you can fix it on a flat surface.

Also available as a kit. Please consult the catalog.


Matrix 4x3 connection diagram

Suggested connection to Arduino

Download (13.94k)

4x3 membrane to analog test

Displays values read from each key (Arduino)

Download (2.4k)

4x3 membrane to analog example

Shows how to read and debounce keys (Arduino)

Download (4.28k)